NGLC consists of 14 departments. The technology and business division includes Acquisitions & Cataloguing Department, Literature Service Department, Comprehensive Research Department, Consulting Service Department, Literature Information Department, Digital Resources & Service Department and Information Technology Department. The administrative management division includes the General Office, Finance Department, Personnel and Education Department, and Science, Technology and Foreign Affairs Department, etc.

Ⅰ Technology and Business Division
  (1)Acquisitions & Cataloguing Department

To undertake the acquisitions, cataloguing, and international exchange of literature resources; to establish and maintain the library classification system and bibliographic databases; to carry out international exchange of literature; and to promote the construction of a security system of literature resources.
  (2)Literature Service Department
To be responsible for on-site services. To carry out document collection, lending and digital processing of the literature in the library; to undertake domestic interlibrary loan, exhibition management, on-line consulting and to carry out research on literature services of library.
  (3)Consulting Service Department
To take on the duties of subject librarians; to be responsible for the management and service of the Sci-tech Novelty Retrieval Station; to undertake the subject librarian service for the institutions affiliated with CGS and the geological investigation institutions; and to carry out reference, online consulting services and Selective Dissemination Information services (SDI service). 
  (4)Digital Resources & Service Department
To take charge of the set-up, development and maintenance of literature databases (both Chinese and English); to undertake the editing, publishing and distribution of “Abstracts of Chinese Geological Literature” (Chinese version, English version); to be responsible for research on the technical standards and norms of literature databases; to provide SDI service for the Ministry of land and Resources (MLR), China Geological Survey and other related institutions; and to offer support for the literature evaluation of the Earth Sciences and the construction of digital resources.
  (5)Information Technology Department
To be in charge of the construction of a digital library and a platform for the geo-science literature information service; to undertake the design, development, maintenance and management of the network and databases of the library; to be responsible for the opening and management of electronic reading rooms; to undertake the maintenance of all the computers and related information technology equipments in the library; and to provide professional training on computer application and literature information technology for the library staff and all the users.
  (6)Literature Information Department
To keep track of the latest developments of international Earth Sciences; to conduct information research on geosciences; to trace, capture, analyse and study the leading edge, important fields, and hot issues of geosciences, with focus on mineral resources, state-of-the-art geo-technology, geo-expertise and geo-techniques;to carry out research dedicated to provide reference for scientific decision-making of CGS and other relevant geological institutions; to provide service for Chinese geological researchers to grasp the recent developments in international Earth Sciences and to carry out scientific and technological innovation.
  (7) Comprehensive Research Department
To carry out the bibliometric evaluation of geosciences literature; to conduct related research on the culture of Earth Sciences; to edit and publish the journal“Essence in Geological Culture”regularly;to disseminate and popularize the geosciences knowledge; and to set up and maintain the reading websites.
Ⅱ Administrative Management Division
(1)General Office

To take charge of administrative management. To organize and coordinate the daily work of NGLC; to take charge of the library secretary, archives management, meetings, news publicity, administrative information, on-line information, security, etc.
(2)Discipline Inspection Office 

To be mainly responsible for the Party building, discipline inspection, supervision, auditing, spirit civilization construction and the masses affairs of NGLC; to provide support for CGS with the efforts to improve Party conduct and implement honest administration.   
(3)Finance Department
To be responsible for the management of finance and assets; to manage the budget, accounting, final account, taxation, government procurement, the value forms of fixed assets, and management of the external investment.
(4)Personnel and Education Department
To be responsible for the organization of personnel, safety in work and the management of retired employees. To undertake the management of middle-level cadres, personnel employment and deployment, continuing education and training, performance appraisals, rewards and punishments, wages and welfare, professional title evaluation, personnel statistics, personnel files, social assistance, etc.
(5)Property management Office
To assume the role of the property management, rear services, comprehensive management and government procurement in NGLC; to undertake the management of infrastructure, the physical forms of assets and office supplies.
(6)Science, Technology and Foreign Affairs Department
To be responsible for the management of the scientific and technological business and foreign affairs. To take on the daily work of Quality Management Office of NGLC and that of the office of Geoscience Documentation center of CGS; to manage the projects of NGLC; to undertake the routine work of Academic Committee in the library; and  to organize academic exchanges and external business training.
(7)Achievements Management Office of Geological Survey
To carry out related research on the achievements and progresses of geological investigation and on the institutional repositories; to undertake the routine work of results registration, management and rewards of geological investigation.

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